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We open Latin America for your business

We helps companies to establish external communications in the Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico & Central America We provide community management, media relations, producing & creating strategies and concepts, GR, event and relationship management, sponsors & partnerships, and managing projects. We speak English, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, and Arabic.

  • Fintech
  • Agrotech
  • Edtech
Clients Successful Rate: 90%
We help exceptional software companies successfully land in MENA

We help international brands to discover new markets and generate demand. We create effective internet marketing systems

  • Blockchain
  • BioTech
  • PropTech
Clients Successful Rate: 70%
Helping startups & SME’s achieve sustainable growth in APAC

We help brands shape their strategy through a deep understanding of local culture, business, people, contexts of today and tomorrow.

  • Edtech
  • Fintech
  • MarTech
Clients Successful Rate: 85%

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120+ companies trust Greatleads


We help reduce costs when entering a new market and increase sales conversion

Market research

  • Market Comparison
  • Market Size Estimation
  • Competitor Research
  • Audience Research
  • Strategy Testing
  • Conducting in-depth interviews

Marketing & Branding

  • Building a personal brand
  • Creation of a marketing strategy
  • Content plan development
  • Landing and product audit
  • Design creation and marketing performance

Warm intros

  • Search for potential clients
  • Working with local integrators
  • Working with local partners
  • Channel marketing testing
  • Conducting meetings with clients
  • Speaking at conferences
  • Working with local associations
  • Creating a community for a product


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Business Strategy

A team of leaders and strategists is responsible for developing and implementing a strategy to achieve the given goals and objectives.

Leaders, strategists and researchers who exchange ideas and complement each other. The team develops and uses innovative approaches to achieve their goals.

We analyze and solve problems that arise during research and make the right decisions to achieve our goals.

Market Research

An experienced team of foreign market researchers consists of professionals in the field of economics, law and marketing.

We analyze markets abroad by studying the subject area in relation to the local audience and competitors. We collect and analyze data on external marketing, trade practices, rules and standards, as well as decision-making processes and consumer preferences.

We provide recommendations and analytical reports on important market trends and take measures to maintain competitive advantages in foreign markets.





We help reduce costs when entering a new market and increase sales conversion


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Conducted interviews


Completed studies


Regional staff


Local Partners


Clients revenue

Kiunnei Gotovtseva

Business Development Manager inDrive

Explained everything with examples, gave some directions were to move.


“Id like to thank Anton for professional advise regarding to Latam market. I came to Anton with some specific questions about Brazilian service market, and as a good professional and experienced person Anton shared with his thoughts and ideas”

10 04 2023

Alex Grubliak

Corporate Strategy and Development at SberMarket

I highly recommend Anton and the team as quality experts in exploring new markets for your business.


“ We turned to Anton with a request for advice on entering the Brazilian market and received answers to our questions in a very short time. Anton's team members are physically located in different countries, so they can also help resolve specific issues that may require your presence at the start. ”

19 10 2022


CSO & New Markets in

A bright pitch, networking with conversions, a good mood in general


“ To prepare for a speech at one of the largest IT forums in Brazil in 5 days from scratch - it was a 100% risk. But Anton infected us with confidence, and everything went perfectly. It is important to mention that we have a rather complicated DeepTech product - a SaaS platform with powerful Al to improve digital marketing. ”

01 07 2022


Head of PR in Solar-Staff

Allow us to grow faster and develop the product!


“ Anton Minkowski and his team helped Solar Staff with the LatAm region research. We have received insights about the freelance audiences in Mexico and Brazil ”

20 12 2022

Olga Ilchenko

BD Manager, 9 Pandas

The team of experts I worked with provided valuable recommendations on various aspects related to entering the Brazilian market.


“ They answered questions about cultural and technical market peculiarities, as well as questions about monetization and payment methods. They also helped me understand that there are some specificities in accepting payments from Brazilian clients that may require additional legal consultation. Overall, I was satisfied with working with this company and recommend it to anyone looking for consulting on entering the Brazilian market.”

17 01 2023

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How it works?

By streamlining pilot launches, expediting the process to get sales up and running quickly. Additionally, we carefully devise a soft landing strategy, which involves implementing measures to ensure a smooth and successful transition or integration of new products or service on new markets


How to start?

Let us know that you are interested in becoming a partner. Share some information about your organization, your industry, and how you believe collaboration with us can be mutually beneficial


What happens next?

An expert contacts you after having analyzed your requirements. If needed, we sign an NDA to ensure the highest privacy level. We submit a comprehensive project proposal with estimates, timelines, CVs, etc. Contact us today to start the conversation;

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